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Ethics and Jurisprudence: A Practical Application-2016 (4 contact hours) (#113a)

Course Level:  Advanced

Item Number:  113a

Hours:  4

Price:  $24.00

Online Price:  $20.00

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Special Notes:
~Additional state supplements are included for therapists licensed in GA, WI, TN, IN ***113a-NOT Available in LA***~~ Mail format of course material is in a 8 1/2" x 11" booklet. Beginning June 1, 2017 TX therapists are required to take the PT Board's Texas Jurisprudence Assessment Module (TX JAM) to meet the TX ethics and jurisprudence requirement.



This course covers medical ethics, ethical principles, and laws that govern physical therapy. By taking this course you will learn how to apply the APTA Code of Ethics for PT’s and the APTA Standards of Ethical Conduct for the PTA. Learn how to determine if a situation is a legal or ethical issue, the difference between fraud and abuse, and how to use a model to analyze and make decisions regarding ethical issues in the workplace. Legal issues related to fraud and abuse are addressed including how to report those issues. This is a MUST course for all PTs and PTAs.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***COURSE OBJECTIVES***After studying these course materials, you should be able to demonstrate by examination that you understand the following aspects of ethics: 1. Name the four basic theoretical concepts of medical ethics: respect for persons, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice. 2. Name several philosophers who made key contributions to the discipline of ethics, and describe their contribution. 3. Apply the APTA Code of Ethics and the APTA Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant to physical therapy practice. 4. Review and apply aspects of state physical therapy acts and identify the relationship between the Practice Act, rules and ethics. 5. Differentiate between legal and ethical issues. 6. Describe a problem-solving model for dealing with legal and ethical issues. 7. In case studies, discern between legal and ethical issues, and be able to analyze the issues using the problem-solving model. 8. Identify and report fraud and abuse.

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Course Reviews

This course was very helpful. The given scenarios made understanding the concepts, rules, and laws less challenging. Thanks.
Alex B., Dec. 13, 2017

This course provides all the information you need to cover for Ethics and Jurisprudence in GA, and goes through it in an organized way to help you think through different situations.
Julie C., Dec. 12, 2017

One of the better Ethics and Jurisprudence courses I have taken! Thanks!
Elizabeth B., Dec. 10, 2017

Great course!
Ana J., Dec. 4, 2017

Course met my needs! Good information in concise form
Danielle B., Dec. 1, 2017

great course very informative, easy to read/understand.
Shernika C., Nov. 30, 2017

course was excellent. good information
Kelly L., Nov. 20, 2017

It was great for what I needed.
Kathy G. S., Nov. 18, 2017

good course. Direct and to the point
Matt M., Nov. 8, 2017

Stacey H., Nov. 4, 2017

Great course very helpful. Easy to follow.
Karen S., Oct. 26, 2017

Well written course requiring good knowledge of Ethics and Jurisprudence
Lora L., Oct. 26, 2017

good review
Belinda L., Oct. 19, 2017

I enjoyed the easy layout and scenarios and examples of real life situations to help illustrate the ethical and legal principles discussed.
Carla D., Oct. 8, 2017

Great course
Krystalene C., Oct. 4, 2017

This was an interesting, easy to follow ethics course
Kelly C., Sep. 28, 2017

This course was very helpful and ease of access is so appreciated!
Ellen M., Sep. 15, 2017

Very good course!
katrina y., Aug. 29, 2017

Very pleased with materials, easy to look over and review
Jan V., Aug. 23, 2017

Courses was hard made you really study
Michelle P., Aug. 17, 2017

I have been to ethics courses several times, but by reading this myself, I have a deeper understanding.

Janet V., PT GA, Aug. 9, 2017

Since theses a mandatory study, it gives one the opportunity to compare and contrast different approaches. I found this the most easily understandable ethics course I’ve taken. They can often be indigestible but this was clear, useful at the basic level it is meant to be. I am impressed and appreciate how simply and effectively a difficult subject was handled.

Karen G., GA PT, Jul. 12, 2017

i was challenged, but feel that was a great review. i love this sight!

william d., Jun. 26, 2017

very good course
susan r., Jun. 18, 2017

I found this information to be very informative and very interesting to read.
Linda D., May. 22, 2017

This course was fantastic. It provided necessary information to both complete the exam successfully and re-familiarize myself with the most important ethics and jurisprudence issues. I would highly recommend this course to another PT.
Adam L., May. 9, 2017

excellent course easy to follow
Liliana R., May. 8, 2017

I found this course to be a very thorough course encompassing the subject material on Ethics and Jurisprudence, very well.
Sharon Anderson, Apr. 23, 2017

Course material was outlined in a great and reasonable manner
Kayla E., Apr. 1, 2017

Excellent course. Very in-depth and thorough. A lot of valuable information provided. Highly recommend it.
Richard S., Mar. 5, 2017

Course is timely and informative. It has a good application and examples.
Clarence P., Jan. 25, 2017

Very well done. Most helpful review.
Vivian L., Jan. 4, 2017

great course, very informative
Yohann I., Dec. 31, 2016

This was an extremely valuable course to review key areas for the practice of physical therapy, gain knowledge about the application of law and ethics through real scenarios, and educate about resources/contacts available if need be. Thank you again.
Cory H., PT in PA & SC, Dec. 14, 2016

This course is very good and informative. The course accurately teaches the code of ethics and jurisprudence.
Michael W., Sep. 26, 2016

Good refresher on PT/PTA Ethics and Jurisprudence especially including state specifics.
Jacqueline M., Sep. 26, 2016

An excellent course. I learned a lot and have great reference materials for further research on the topic.
Barbara Carol F., Sep. 14, 2016

Very good course. It is always good to review our Code of Ethics.
Colette S., Sep. 6, 2016

The author clearly enjoys bringing this topic to life for his readers. Thank you!
Erica V., Sep. 4, 2016

Very thorough course. Great examples. Highly recommend it.
andrea c., Aug. 25, 2016

This course was well organized, easy to follow, and had some refreshing humor! Thanks for lots of good information.
Selena M., Aug. 24, 2016

It was helpful to review these issues and refreshed my knowledge on ethical and legal issues.
Katharine A., Jun. 5, 2016

the course was very informative and I feel like I learned a lot.
Nicole W., May. 17, 2016

the course was easy to understand
MICHELE B., Apr. 18, 2016

Perfect for what I needed and was able to apply to daily practice.
Stephanie K., Mar. 15, 2016

Great review and in depth look at ethics, fraud and abuse. I liked that it included a section on our own state laws. I also enjoyed the practice questions to apply what we learned
Nancy M., Mar. 2, 2016

Very informative and directly applicable to me as a PTA in every conceivable scenario.
Michael T. P. PTA TX, Jan. 7, 2016

The course was very good. It met my ethics requirement.
Marjorie U., Jan. 2, 2016

This course was very helpful and easy to follow. Good content.
Jennifer T., Dec. 28, 2015

The course material was both relevant to real world and well presented. The cases, many if not all based on real life scenarios served to illustrate legal and ethical problems and consequences.
Mike M., Dec. 26, 2015

Great course. Well organized. Provoked great office conversations.
kelly m., Dec. 26, 2015

Great course and very informative.
Kevin P., Dec. 15, 2015

This course worked well for me and was an efficient way to meet the requirements.
Amy A., Dec. 14, 2015

Appreciate the real world examples and the descriptions of practice guidelines.
Monica R., Dec. 7, 2015

Susan T., Nov. 23, 2015

This course was very informative and beneficial .
daryl g., Nov. 17, 2015

I liked this course. Information up to date and organized well in a logical fashion.
Ken C., Nov. 14, 2015

Course was great
Sheveland B., Oct. 14, 2015

Very thorough! Informative!
Herbert M. H., Oct. 7, 2015

Covered all topics in depth
Sarah M., Oct. 6, 2015

Appropriate length for course, material was appropriate, would use PTcourses again and would recommend.
Sherri B., Sep. 28, 2015

Enjoyed this course was made easy for on-line course.
Wrenda A., Sep. 22, 2015

great course
Shari C., Sep. 22, 2015

the most thorough ethics course I have taken! Excellent and pertinent to our profession
Joan B, Sep. 3, 2015

Good cost for excellent challenging study. Better than lecture because the reader is challenged to think and not just parrot an answer. Will help in the ‘real’ situation and practice.
Beth F. W. – GA PT, Aug. 28, 2015

Fast, thorough and concise !
Lara L, Aug. 11, 2015

Informative, good review
diane s, Aug. 3, 2015

Very detailed course and this made the subject of ethics more understandable. I enjoyed the course. I feel better about my knowledge on ethics.
Lydia V, Jul. 21, 2015

This course was very interesting and thought provoking and gave me increased awareness of ethical issues confronting physical therapists.
Mary Cay W., Jul. 2, 2015

This is course is very informative. It has all the technical aspects and definition on ethics in regards to the physical therapy profession. It provides examples and challenges thru the course to help me understand it better. It does not stop there though, it also tells us what to do in cases where we can encounter an ethical dilemma and what to do when we see fraud.
ANDREW A, Jun. 29, 2015

Very beneficial home study course on Ethics & Jurisprudence
Clarence M, Jun. 28, 2015

This course applied to my current line of work, very helpful and informative
Laila D, Jun. 28, 2015

An excellent course. very practical, knowledge everyone should have
William R, Jun. 24, 2015

great understanding of course, easy to follow and contains great information needed.
Vanessa G, May. 16, 2015

Very helpful course
Melissa B, May. 7, 2015

The content was well researched. Thank you, Dr. Jacobson, for offering your mentorship should I ever need it.
Brian St., Apr. 15, 2015

It was a challenge but good.
Kristin L, Apr. 11, 2015

Very well organized and written.
Kerry S, Mar. 14, 2015

Great course to get your ethic hours in and it is a nice, to the point, review of ethics with valuable information
julie c, Feb. 21, 2015

Course was good for what it was to cover
Kim Y, Feb. 4, 2015

Very thorough course.
Margaret E-L, Jan. 22, 2015

Ashley W, Jan. 10, 2015

I enjoyed the course, particularly the real world examples.
James W., Dec. 5, 2014

very informative course
paula k, Nov. 20, 2014

Very good
SAMUEL A, Nov. 11, 2014

Good information and current examples regarding ethics and jurisprudence.
Margie F, Oct. 25, 2014

Course easy to access and very helpful. Easy to understand such important information. Thank you.
Marissa G, Oct. 5, 2014

very informative...
Monica A, Sep. 22, 2014

it was very informative and very helpful.
MLRP, Oct. 22, 2013



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